Bustin' Out of Breast Cancer

EP 138-Straight Talk with Kelly Seitz

August 25, 2021 Shannon Burrows Episode 0
Bustin' Out of Breast Cancer
EP 138-Straight Talk with Kelly Seitz
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Bustin' Out of Breast Cancer
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EP 136-Straight Talk With Kelly Seitz

Kelly is another amazing THRIVER who is set out to make a difference in the world by inspiring others by sharing her story via public speaking and support groups.

Kelly was diagnosed very young, at the age of 30, with triple-negative breast cancer and underwent 11 surgeries which resulted in various side effects from being neutropenic to lymphedema.

Here are some of the topics we discussed in this episode:

● Her 11 surgeries

● Being neutropenic

● How exercise made such an impact prior to surgery

● Having a Lat Flap Surgery

● How exercise made such an impact through recovery

● Being your own advocate

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