Bustin' Out of Breast Cancer

EP 142: My 4 Year Cancerfree-versary

September 22, 2021 Episode 0
Bustin' Out of Breast Cancer
EP 142: My 4 Year Cancerfree-versary
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Bustin' Out of Breast Cancer
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EP 142-My 4 Year Cancerfree-versary

September is Suicide Prevention  & Self-Improvement Month and also the same month I had my double mastectomy 4 years ago. (Sept 22nd, 2017). Every time I hear September by  Earth, Wind, and Fire I stop and sing and dance because I CAN!

These last 4 years have been filled with many highlights and plenty of low points. From meeting so many amazing Thrivers t educating, empowering, and inspiring other survivors, to feeling like I am not enough or doing enough.

The journey is real and so are the emotions. There is no rule book. There is no right or wrong. It's just real and raw and I share all of mine with the hope to help you too.

Important topics in this episode:

● Some highlights of the last 4 years

● Some low points of the last 4 years

● Times of feeling like I'm not doing enough

● Surviving cancer through a pandemic

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